Day 2: “It’s a Gas, Gas, Gaslit World” Movie Poster Mock-up

Mock-up poster for "It's a Gas, Gas, Gaslit World" The Must Un-See Documentary of 2020!

As part of building my new business, I will be posting unique content every day as I learn new skills.

One of those skills is art.

And I have A LOT to learn so, for now, I need to constrain myself to what I can produce in a day to meet my posting goals. But the hope is that what that end-product looks like improves across the days and months to come.

If you have a pro tip, feel free to share! I’m looking to improve and it will certainly be fun to go back and create second and final drafts with a year of practice under my belt.

For now, however, I will give myself permission to make mock-ups that are more like artistic direction than final products as I work on what kind of a visual artist I actually am.

But step 1: Capture concepts and moments of inspiration before they pass by!