Podcasts, Blogging, Choosing Colors [Day 7/365]

Day 7 was all about a mammoth blog I didn’t post, two podcasts I bailed out of finishing and editing when I strayed off topic, and finding color swatches for products.

I’ll only be posting one of these things here. 😂

The thing I (re)learned about blogging is that I already write too much and don’t want to write MORE in the form of a blog. (Seriously. SO MUCH SITTING!) I need to embrace multi-media and some form of streaming because that would also remove the obstacle of editing and posting. (Because that’s a real job that takes real time that involves more sitting. And I’m really trying to move away from that.)

So, if I broadcast, I’m pretty sure it just needs to happen live.

All these excuses aside, however, I DO have some swatches to show you. There are 3 at the moment, and there may be a few more. Right now, the idea would be to narrow them all down to one swatch of 5 colors that all go with a theme.

But here’s 15 colors to start.

Color swatch of neutral blues, greens, and beige.
Color swatch of merlot, blues, and greens
Color swatch of sunset yellow, orange, and blues

Have any faves?