New Beginnings

For the past several weeks, groups of twenty-something influencers have been pushing an idea out into the Twitter-verse:

Disappear for 6 months

they all urge, then follow up with something like:

Spend those months working on yourself then come back a powerhouse.

I hated this advice so much that I unfollowed people who made a habit of tweeting it into my feed.


As someone who had disappeared for over a year, I saw the call to action as terrible advice. Being out of the loop that long, I felt out-of-sync, siloed, and uncertain of how to reconnect or move forward.

Given my experience, I refused to believe influencers claiming that I had gained a superpower along the way.

But had I?

Is Disappearing a Superpower?

It’s indisputable that I have changed since I “disappeared” off of social media.

For one, several people have passed away in the past year.

A year ago, I had living aunts and uncles. Now, I don’t.

All the family members of the generations preceding me are no longer with us, leaving my siblings, cousins, and me as the oldest generation living.

Friends have passed, too.

In the past year, I’ve abandoned dreams, questioned everything, worked building the visions of others, and spent more hours than I dare count meditating about it all.

My conclusion?

We are here to rise and shine. And that means I need to start working on my polish.

Long story short

I’ve had a good solid year to reflect on life, what we do with it, what others are willing to do with our time on this earth — if we let them — and I’ve decided it’s time to be ambitious.

It’s time to be honest about all the reasons my courage has failed in the past, find the vision required to show up day-in, day-out, and build something amazing.

So here we go.

I am building Z LABYRINTH through words, art, social media, and merch.

I’ll be building bit-by-bit, brick-by-brick — bricks I am allowing you to sponsor, btw.

Route 44: Here We Come

Right around my birthday, a friend gave me a dare:

Get back online.
Provide value.
If you do, I bet you could get 100,000 people to tip you
$5 before your next birthday.

A pretty ambitious dare, but isn’t that what good friends are for? To readily see in us what we are slow to see in ourselves and occasionally taunt us about it?

Another long story short: I accepted the dare and jokingly named it Route 44 (after my age).

Now, here I am at the beginning of the road … gazing at the horizon upon which I am about to build.

Everything to come is going to be a journey. And, like any journey, it requires a budget to make the journey and invest in the vision.

The journey to build Z Labyrinth is one that unfolds as we go and a vision built one sponsored brick at a time.

Sponsor a Brick for $5

blank Yellow Brick Wall brick

Like what I’m creating and want to become a permanent part of my creative legacy?

Click here to donate $5 to sponsor on a brick and put your name on the Yellow Brick Wall of Z Labyrinth.

Want to sponsor more than one brick?

The first $5 will ALWAYS put your name on a brick


you can sponsor multiple bricks and use the space to display the image of your choice in that space.

(NOTE: The image must fit the bricks you’ve sponsored — MORE INFO COMING SOON!)

To learn more, DM @SheralynPratt on Twitter or Instagram or click here (link coming soon) for more information.