April Showers Bring Love Letters & Flowers

It’s spring: the season when love springs anew.

Maybe the love is brand new, or maybe it’s refreshing on a love that’s more tried and true. Either way, there is no better time than now to let those you love know how much they mean to you!

And for $25 (in the month of APRIL ONLY), I will write a ONCE UPON THIS ONE TIME love letter for you & post it for you!


We’ll talk for 5-15 minutes.

Then I’ll spend the remainder of an hour composing & posting your letter.

Then I’ll send you the love letter via email & post the letter on Twitter & Instagram — either tagging the person, or making the To/From field a little more vague, if that’s what you prefer.

Whatever the case, we’ll put words to your love and set it free in the world!

What happens next is anyone’s guess, but for $25 I’ll let someone know how much they matter to you.

DM me on Twitter or Instagram (@SheralynPratt) to schedule your appointment TODAY!