Capella Readings

Hello, and welcome to my secret page where I am testing a new type of life-path reading system.

First thing to note: All the information you share here is used ONLY to create images and the images are what I use for the readings.

Second, my process may change–hopefully, in the direction of simplifying.

For example, there is a section with 24 questions below. My goal is to whittle those down to 8 and you are going to help me figure out if that is possible.

Third, the goal of this reading will be to provide useful information that helps you move more consciously down life’s path.

I know I can do this type of reading quite well in person, but this system is my attempt to find out if I can turn the craft into math that allows for remote readings.

Thanks for helping me find out and feel free to give me feedback–especially if something resonates. Critiques are great but it’s also good to know what shouldn’t be put on the chopping block when I go to make my cuts.

Let me know if you have any questions. Otherwise, here we go!