Cards & Characters

The card system is introduced in the second Pimpernel book: Royal Ball. it is never fully explained by any character, but we become more familiar with characters who are new to it.

The system categorizes every human on the planet as a card from a normal playing deck, and every character in the Pimpernel world has a designation … except for a few outliers who have yet to be defined by the system. (Hint: Z is one of them.)

In cases of royalty, status is determined by bloodline and aptitude. For everyone else, it is based on capability and actions taken on the world’s playing board.

There are more players for each card than most people would care to count. It’s a big, big world out there, and — as you can see below — we are only beginning to meet all the players in the game.

Note: An ellipsis (…) marks cards with no confirmed characters, but that does not mean that no such character is on the page. It just means they are not confirmed as that card. Feel free to guess if you think someone belongs somewhere!

2 of Spades

2 of Diamonds

2 of Clubs

2 of Hearts

3 of Spades

3 of Diamonds

3 of Clubs

Arin Yalin

3 of Hearts

4 of Spades

Elliot Church

4 of Diamonds

4 of Clubs

Dr. Matthews

4 of Hearts

5 of Spades

5 of Diamonds

5 of Clubs

5 of Hearts

6 of Spades

6 of Diamonds

6 of Clubs

6 of Hearts

7 of Spades

Claire Ramsey

7 of Diamonds

7 of Clubs

Sebastian Kahn

7 of Hearts

8 of Hearts

8 of Clubs


8 of Diamonds

Jack Cavanaugh

8 of Spades

9 of Hearts


9 of Clubs

9 of Diamonds

General Zao

9 of Spades

10 of Hearts

10 of Clubs

10 of Diamonds


10 of Spades

Jack of Hearts

Margot (Queen heir)


Jack of Clubs

Jack of Diamonds


Jack of Spades

Queen of Hearts

Queen of Clubs

Queen of Diamonds

Queen of Diamonds


King of Hearts

King of Clubs


King of Diamonds


King of Spades

Ace of hearts

Ace of Clubs

Ace of Diamonds

Ace of Spades

Ace (AI)

Wild Cards

Wild cards always come in pairs. They are power players with opposite aims. One will win; one will lose, but you will never know what game they’re playing until it’s through.

Joker card