Sheralyn offers consultations for:

  • Differentiating your brand
  • Connecting in the marketplace
  • Clarifying next steps for growth

Is Sheralyn Right for You?

Does this describe you?

You have a vision of how things could be. It’s clear … it’s right there … and yet, somehow out of reach. There is some invisible gap between you and all the possibilities you see. And you’re starting to realize that — to cross that gap — you’re going to need a strategy.

Sheralyn is a strategist with a knack for building tactical bridges over invisible gaps.

If you frown and think, “Well, who needs something so silly and useless as that?” then Sheralyn may not be the right strategist for you.

If you smile and think, “An invisible bridge? I’ll take two!” Well, then, Sheralyn might just throw in a BOGO for you.

Sheralyn has been around the block with the big guys and the small; she’s worked with no budget and obscene budgets; she knows how to adjust her scope in diverse situations to focus on what needs to happen next to get you where you want to be.

4 Cornerstone Skills

In her consulting work, Sheralyn brings four specific skill sets together.

#1 – Instructional Design. Sheralyn is an award-winning instructional designer who has built trainings for many companies, including over 20 Fortune 500 companies. She is adept at seeing the correlation between high-level goals and essential small details required for success.

#2 – Public Relations. As a PR Manager, Sheralyn has designed all types of publicity campaigns—from multi-media to in-person—using her Marketing Net strategy. It’s been proven on dozens of products and can help you connect with your audience.

#3 – Award-Winning Author. Sheralyn has written over a dozen books (fiction & non-fiction), winning awards in 2015, 2017, and 2018. She understands story, language, and many of the challenges of professional growth.

#4 – Karate Instructor. Sheralyn is a black belt in Kenpo karate and taught for over a decade. Two things (among many) this taught her:

Everything impressive is built on basics.

Practice does not make perfect; practice makes habit.

Focusing on these four skills, Sheralyn can help you learn the basics, create great habits, find your story, replace gaps with connections, and achieve high-level goals.

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In the meantime, follow and message Sheralyn on Twitter or Instagram to start the conversation on how she can help you.