Dear Future Champion

No two champions are the same, yet all champions have one thing in common:

All champions have strong main character energy (MCE):
the ability to advance their vision in a world that has other plans.

If you want to flex your MCE in 2022, follow me.

I’ll be your coach:

What is Main Character Energy (MCE)?


Main Character Energy (MCE) is your ability to live authentically in the present without thoughts of regret or anxiety pulling you out of the moment.

When you have MCE, you are connected with reality and quickly attract what you desire.

Signs you lack MCE include:

  • a general sense of anxiety about the future & regret about the past
  • insomnia
  • an inability to attract stability
  • frequently feeling drained of energy
  • long periods of screen time
  • low success in making & achieving goals

If 3 or more of those bullet points describe you and you’re ready to upgrade in 2022, follow me:

As your mindset coach, my job is to unlock your hidden superpowers so you can upgrade your life in ways you previously feared might be impossible.

To do this, I will trick you into revisiting stagnant thoughts and releasing mental clutter that no longer serves you.

This will make room for new possibilities. And what happens from there is all up to you.

Am I the Right Coach for You?

Follow me in 2022 if you:

  • are ready to upgrade/pivot into something new in your life
  • enjoy challenging yourself
  • like the idea of crowdfunding your coaching experience
  • want to spend the year exploring how work can become play

I’m unlike any coach you’ve ever worked with before and embrace doing things in atypical ways.

indiGOAT: the Official Mascot of 2022

My approaches may seem weird out of the gate, but will all make perfect sense in retrospect. Promise.

To decide if I am a good fit for you, simply answer these 2 questions:

Are you open to learning things in ADHD ways
are you willing to tip a coach you met on the internet?

If you answered “YES and YES“:

(Psst. You can also schedule an in-person appointment with me here:)

Let’s make this a year to remember.

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It’s pretty dark right now, but I hope to inspire you to light it up soon!