FREE BOOK: Build Your Brand

Branding is an ever-evolving art, which means best practices are always shifting.

Just like algorithms change, so do people’s attitudes and attention spans when it comes to connecting with people and brands as they search the marketplace.

For example, eight years ago –when I wrote this book — strong brands thrived by being recognizable and consistent. If you knew what you were about, knew the customer you served, and could deliver on your promised benefits consistently, you had a great chance of doing well.

Today, authenticity is king — even if the product is inconsistent and your image is in flux. Values and genuine connection matter more than appearance.

Yet just because things are constantly shifting that doesn’t mean that the standards from a decade ago no longer apply.

Nor does it mean that someone who hasn’t been paying attention to best practices since the 1970s doesn’t have a leg up on someone just stepping into the game.

Knowledge is power.

And standing on the best practices of the past is great bedrock for doing what you need to do this year in stepping into your Main Character Energy.

So I’m posting my BUILD YOUR BRAND book here for free as a resource to help you on your way to developing your Main Character Energy.

May it serve you well!