How Gold Bricks Work

You can sponsor bricks for $5

blank Yellow Brick Wall brick

Bricks can be bought as singles or groups

The first brick you sponsor gets your name (first name, last initial) or a name you request digitally engraved on it

You can sponsor groups of bricks to:

  • Display a black-and-white image of your choice
  • Vote to fund a project
  • Stamp your name on my wall over and over so I never forget it
  • & MORE!

What’s cool about this is that I’m going to keep this image on my landing page for the entirety of 2022 and hang on my wall for years beyond.

What’s the Yellow Brick Wall?

“Why a yellow brick wall?” you ask. “And what kind of images are you thinking could go on it?”

If you want the long version of that answer, I can tell you that a story called “Z Labyrinth” will soon come out, and it’s all explained in there.

To give you a short answer here, though: The Yellow Brick Wall is a wandering art installation that is meant to capture whatever the zeitgeist throws at it.

As such, the Yellow Brick Wall is an objective record, not a judge a judge of content.

Here’s a little gallery of images I put on a previous version of the wall (you’ll see the new version looks a little different).

I honestly can’t wait to see what comes of it!

(*However, I do reserve the right to use judgment on what is displayed on the landing page of my website.)

Interested in displaying your image?


Sneak peek:

  • Minimize quantity of bricks required
  • Image must be properly submitted
  • First image is final image — no touch ups or redos
  • Yellow Brick Wall will be featured on the landing page of my website ALL of 2022