Greeting Cards

KOI CARDS: For life's epic, extra, and unforgettable relationships.

A new breed of greeting cards is coming your way — keepsake cards that celebrate the tongue-in-cheek and heart-to-heart relationships in your life.

When you need something perfect for someone who’s gone the extra mile for you, it’s time for a KOI CARD .

Meet the very first KOI CARD — a simple (3.5″X5″) Thank-You style card for the people who do the little things that magically make your world a better place.

Greeting card reading: You make my day.

This simple card, with the KOI signature flower, is a great way to bring a smile to someone’s day.

We live in stressful, anxious times. (I know exactly one person who does not feel overwhelmed on a daily basis.) It’s easy to get overwhelmed and think we’re getting everything wrong.

Let the amazing people in your life know that their efforts — large and small — are appreciated by dropping them a quick note on one of these mail-able cards.

Brighten Up Your Summer

We often send cards around Christmas time, but what about during the summer ?

Think of all the things people do all summer long that make it one of the best seasons around.

What if, between now and September, you kept your eyes open for 30 opportunities to drop the people around you a quick note, thanking them for something they’ve done?

That’s 30 people who will know — for sure — that what they’re doing is making this world a better place. All because you took a few minutes out of your day to drop them a quick note on a cute card.

To launch KOI CARDS, I want to find 75 people who are up for the challenge of letting the amazing people around them know they make your day.

Participants will receive 30 cards for $40 (33% off) to brighten the days of friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, or anyone else who makes their life a better place.

Want to be one of the 75?

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