Greeting Cards (Archive)

A new breed of greeting cards is coming your way — keepsake cards that celebrate the tongue-in-cheek and heart-to-heart relationships in your life.

Meet our flagship (and possibly only genuinely sweet) card: You Make My Day. A simple Thank-You style card for the people who do the little things that magically make your world a better place.

Greeting card reading: You make my day.

Let the amazing people in your life know that their efforts — large and small — are appreciated by dropping them a quick note on one of these smile-inducing cards.

Available in boxes of 10.

Summer Challenge!

What if, between now and September, you kept your eyes open for 30 opportunities to drop the people around you a quick note, thanking them for something they’ve done?

That’s 30 people who will know — for sure — that what they’re doing is making this world a better place. All because you took a few minutes out of your day to drop them a quick note on a cute card.

To launch KOI Cards, I want to find 75 people who are up for the challenge of letting the amazing people around them know they make your day.

Participants will receive 30 cards for $40 (33% off) to brighten the days of friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, or anyone else who makes their life a better place.

Want to be one of the 75?

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