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When you have the same idea for a quarter of a century, there comes a point where you give it a shot or give it up.

Welcome to me giving an idea a shot that I’ve been talking about since I was a teenager.

If things go as I have imagined across the years, other creative people (artists, musicians, etc.) will catch the vision and want to jump on board. I’m not only open to this, but looking forward to when there is interest because the potential is huge.

If we do things right, everyone wins. Readers get a great story, artists get more exposure, and more than one career will be solidified. But all that starts with a story that is both binge-worthy and worth waiting for.

Z is the perfect teller of such a tale.

Taking place in the Pimpernel world, Z vs. The Corona Virus is a tongue-in-cheek title of a story I hope will outlive current events and be more memorable than the global pandemic and quarantine we are currently experiencing.

In fact, if I write this story correctly, there is a chance you may forget there is a pandemic at all, while still washing your hands and keeping safe as you can as the zeitgeist panics that it might be 1918 all over again.

My grandma was 12 when the 1918 flu pandemic hit, and she told me she was the only kid in her entire school who did not lose a parent or a sibling to it.

It was a horrific and trying time for all those who lived through it.

Do I personally think such a pandemic is upon us again? No, I don’t. At least, not in the form or a flu. But I do think that fanning widespread panic and fear brings its own perils in the same way it can form a mob for a Black Friday sale.

This is why it’s the perfect time to tell Z’s story.

If I do this right, Z’s adventure into our world will be infinitely more interesting than your push notifications regarding the Corona Virus. It will also last much longer than the incessant drum of a news cycle that is making even one-ply toilet paper a coveted commodity.

So which will outlast the other in the test of time? Z, or The Corona Virus?

Pick your team and start reading.

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