Ringing In 2022: Year of the IndiGOAT

Do you feel it?

… that feeling in the air that 2022 holds the potential for being your most expansive and memorable year ever?

I feel it.

This is the year for showing up like you never have before. It’s about:

  • unpacking all your unused skills & talents from mental storage
  • revisiting your potential
  • overcoming doubt to unlock new possibilities

2022 is a year for tuning into yourself, releasing that which weighs you down, rediscovering what you’re really made of, and shining on levels you’ve only dreamed of before.

I am committed to having the best year of my life so far, and I’m officially hanging my shingle to help you do the same:

Sheralyn Pratt

That’s right. I’m Coach Sheralyn again and I’ll be offering coaching in online posts and digital offerings along with in-person, one-on-one sessions.

How can you connect with me in 2022?

  1. Schedule in-person, 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me (location: Sandy, Utah)
  2. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram to inspire yourself to new heights & challenge “stuck” thinking
  3. Support me on Patreon for unique perks & digital content
  4. Light up the Yellow Brick Wall to document our 2022 journey

Now let’s take a closer look at each of these.

In-person, 1-on-1 Coaching

Treat yourself when you schedule a session with me to strategize your success.

If you have a vision for the future, I am here to assist your transition from dreams to a new reality.

Our theme for 2022:

Rise. Leap. Shine.

And the spirit animal of the year is the indiGOAT

IndiGOAT: The Official Mascot of 2022

If you’ve never heard of an indiGOAT before, that’s understandable. IndiGOATs are creatures of legend in my Z world — a fictional land you will become more familiar with in 2022.

You can read Z LEGEND OF THE indiGOAT here (3-minute read) but, for now, know that indiGOATs are the totem for fearlessly rising into your potential while taking brilliant leaps of faith.

If that sounds like a superpower you want to unlock this year, schedule a session with me.

All of us rise, leap, and shine differently so sit down with me and let’s find your groove.

BONUS: The FIRST 10 people to book will get their session for $10!

Why $10? Because I currently share space at a local business and you pay $10 to them when you book your appointment. This covers their overhead and reserves our room at the date/time you choose & is non-refundable.

The 10 people who claim $10 sessions must:

  • book by December 31, 2021
  • set an appointment in the month of January 2022

In lieu of payment, I will ask these 10 people to write a quick testimonial of their coaching experience and the benefits they think I provide.

I’ve been terrible at collecting testimonials from people across the years, so this is the perfect chance to benefit from my oversight.

The regular price for sessions is $75/hr and you can check the pinned tweet on my Twitter to see if FREE spots are still available before you book.

Follow Me on Twitter & Instagram (& #ComingSoon: TikTok)

Social media is the perfect place to follow me if you want free micro-coaching throughout 2022.

Follow my Twitter account if you want links to resources and ongoing updates for what’s new the moment it happens.

Follow me!

Follow my Instagram account if you want daily thoughts designed to help you imagine things in new ways.

Follow me!

I haven’t gone all-in on TikTok yet, but the plan is to use it as more dynamic, interactive space where I will answer questions, go LIVE, and get over my aversion to cameras:

It’s gonna be fun!

Support Me On Patreon

I know, I know. I’m like a decade late to this party but that doesn’t mean I’m not a great host.

My Patreon donors light up bricks on the Yellow Brick Wall each month (read more on that in the next section) and vote to make projects happen.

Image of Pimpernel series covers
For example: You could vote for Book 4

This is a great option for anyone who wants to influence what projects and do/don’t work on in 2022.

  • Want podcasts from me?
  • Want me to finish a story like Trick Six?
  • Want the 4th Pimpernel book?
  • Want me to create tutorials on certain topics?
  • Want to pitch a pet project all your own?

This is where you start the dominoes falling and fund projects that are already in the works.

Patreon supporters can suggest & vote for what I work on. Different tiers also give you FREE access to content that everyone else will pay retail for.

Check out my Patreon page to see which tier is right for you!

Light Up the Yellow Brick Wall

Last but not least: It’s time to light up the Yellow Brick Wall.

What is the Yellow Brick Wall?

The Yellow Brick Wall is a fictional art installation in a story I made up that I’ve decided to bring into the real world.

In fiction, everyone who visits Z Labyrinth (a novella I’ll release later this year) passes along the Yellow Brick Wall.

The stones of the Yellow Brick Wall are actually gold, but visitors can paint over the gold with any images or words they want. Nothing is forbidden, but there is one catch:

The only colors accepted are black and white. No greys, no colors.

“The Black-and-White on the Yellow Brick Wall” then becomes an immortal record of the mindset of visitors who find their way to Z Labyrinth in different times and locations.

In fiction, you need to make a pretty epic journey to find the wall and paint on it, but I will be lighting up bricks to create a digital reflection of the journey we take together across the year.


This is a close-up of how the bricks look before you light them up:

Each $5 lights up a brick with your name on it:

Your first $5 gets your name (first name, last initial) on a brick in the far-right column of the wall.

sample panel of the yellow brick wall

Additional bricks are best sponsored in groups of three (because their pattern is woven in groups of three) and unlock your ability to add custom text or images over the bricks in black-and-white.

Unlock the ability to post custom black-and-white text/images when you sponsor 60 or more bricks. (Minimize size requirements exist in an effort to make sure your image/text is visible on different sizes of screens. See image above.)

Post any image you like on 60 (or more) bricks, including:

  • Your logo
  • Signed personal art
  • An advertisement
  • A promo offer good for the year of 2022
  • Any thought or idea you want on record in a time capsule
  • & MORE

The Yellow Brick Wall is going to be featured on the landing page of my website ALL YEAR, so keep that in mind as you choose what to feature and how to use the bricks you paint on.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All posts are final.

  • No edits
  • No re-touching
  • No altering images in any way after they are posted

Your imagination is the limit!

NOTE: Technically speaking, explicit and objectionable content is allowed, but I will exercise judgment of what shows on the landing page of my website, considering all ages are welcome.

If you’re confused as to how the wall works, the concept will make more sense as you watch it light up.

For now, simply know that it’s fulfilling its purpose when it evolves into a graffiti wall that you enjoy visiting across the year.

Join the Fun

2022 is the year of unlimited potential and new self-expression. And I’m here for you whether you need a sherpa on the path or a Yellow Brick Wall to advertise on.

Make this year amazing by choosing to:

Rise. Leap. Shine.

… while knowing I’m right there with you, coaching and showing up real-time.

Full Moon

Tonight, the moon is full and bold as it rises, which is right in line with the mood I need to embrace while navigating the cray-cray that is 2020.

Time for a new camera, but you get the point. (Picture Aug 2, 2020)

This has been an interesting year, wouldn’t you say?

A year of challenges. A year of disruptions. A year of revisiting what’s been working and asking yourself if it will continue to work moving forward.

If you’re like me, you discovered an alarming number of things that need to change in the future. One of those things for me is that I need to embrace this digital world Gen Y & Z were raised in because –moving forward — if you’re not doing business there, you’re not doing business anywhere.

The analog world I’ve clung to for so long is about to go the way of the traveling circus: It’ll still exist nostalgically in TV and movies, but it will be legislated out of real life. I’ve seen this coming, sure, but I was able to live in a level of denial of how quickly it was approaching up until the Ides of March 2020.

That’s when I knew for certain that the analog way of doing things was about to join square TVs in history as the world transitions to 5G.

Even so, it still took me this long — all the way until August — to do something beyond dabble with one possibility after another while avoiding the obvious option of how to show up digitally:

I just need to bring my analog self online.

In real life, I’m a person people sit down with when they need to flesh out an idea or tackle a problem. I’m good at this because it’s in my nature to take the emotional weight out of difficult conversations.

Some people like looking at topics this way, some people do not. But one of the advantages of having these types of conversations in-person is that over 80% of communication is nonverbal and how we say things can be infinitely more significant than what we say. Especially when it comes to removing the inherent emotional charge embedded in a topic.

In text, however, people get to infuse your words with their nonverbals and that’s where things can get messy real quick.

But it’s time for me to get over this design flaw, accept the fact that what I have to say is ripe for the misinterpretation for those who already know what they want to hear, and to talk anyway.

Because that’s what the internet is all about: speaking up, speaking clearly, and finding out if you add value to the conversation.

So, after years of coaching other people how to show up in the digital world, it’s time to practice what I preach and show up myself. And I’m going to show up online the same way I do in real life:

I’m going to ask questions, I’m going explore various answers to questions, and I’m going to host the difficult conversations most people shy away from.

If I do this right, I’m going to attract a lot of haters for the simple fact that I tend to be a free thinker who treats scripted thought as what it is. And those who believe their scripts to be foregone conclusions get very emotional about being treated as a perspective and feel driven to attack.

This aggression used to deter me, but it’s 2020 now and everyone is emotional about everything. The world is not-so-slowly turning into a mental institution where all the borderline personalities with imaginary PhDs are intent on re-writing public policy. It’s nuts out there and people are screaming anything they want at the top of their lungs, so why should I worry about any who might take issue with me speaking in circumspect tones?

The answer is: I shouldn’t.

I’m not here for the people who want a sound bite to amplify into an echo chamber, or a hashtag they can trend with a retweet. I’m here for the people who have a topic they want to dig into in a way that requires a little bit of trust and mutual respect to discuss objectively, rather than through the pinhole of treating one thought as a foregone conclusion.

I’m a person who can show you what the same elements look like in different frames. I have my biases, sure. And I may explain them from time to time to see if they can survive external stress tests, but I never assume I am correct. I’ve been around the block far too many times to assume that — especially if everyone agrees with me. For truth is never popular and no one is less popular that s/he who speaks the truth.

Feel free to throw that at me if I ever get popular. 😉 (I know I have at least one brother who definitely will.)

In the meantime, know that it is my aim to bring my analog value online and turn this blog into a full-time income. How that will happen will evolve with time. To start, however, I will have a donate button in case you feel like tipping me for content you find particularly valuable, along with affiliate links for suggested products you can buy while tossing a small commission my way.

For now, I’m going to focus on content and connecting, just like I do in real life. The first step to any worthwhile business is always to create value worthy of brand loyalty, so let’s start there while talking about everything under the sun.

Anything you want to talk about? Tag me on FB or Twitter and let’s have a conversation.

I look forward to connecting with you.