Crosswalk Courtesy

Gossip Column

by: Zeitgeist Karen (White. Female. Opinionated & highly concerned. Detail Sleuth. Never heard a story I couldn’t tell better.)

I don’t know that it’s news that some people have forgotten how to drive in this quarantine. 🚗😱🚑

(My suspicion is that they are the people who have NOT been staying home, who have been driving on empty roads this whole time and now have to deal with more cars as quarantine restrictions are relaxed by people who don’t believe in science. BUT, since I have been abiding restrictions, I have no proof of this.)

Unfortunately, thoughtless driving is leading to run-ins like this.

I think we ALL know how this woman feels. Thoughtless driving by strangers is stressful on the best of days!

So be kind, everyone. And play by the rules! You never know who is having a hard day and what your lack of effort might do to them.

A small thing to you can be the straw the broke the camel’s back to someone else.

Hugs to everyone 🤗💖💖💖 and stay safe out there!