by: Sheralyn

The verdict is in: the world needs more satire!

Or, at least, my caricatures do. That’s feedback on this week’s postings in a nutshell:


And I hear you. I totally do. So:

New Pivot:
GOODBYE: Editorial newsroom vibe (and characters)
HELLO: Full-on Comedy

This is exciting because comedy is something I have never done, and I am REALLY excited to succeed at it right out of the gate!

I’m also so lucky that I don’t have to agonize whether to try a comic strip or stand-up comedy first, given the fact that I’m pretty sure open mic nights are currently a Class B Misdemeanor in my city.

So comic strip/memes it is!

Although, there is one issue: I don’t really know how to art. It’s not really a thing I’ve ever focused on. I’ve always preferred to have people who do it well do it for me so it meets my tough standards.

But after 4 decades of getting away with not creating my own images, it would seem I finally need to learn how to draw. So I hope you’re excited to witness that learning curve as an added bonus!

And with that enticing preamble, I hereby present my very first comic character:

DK: Superstar

DK: Superstar. Bringing enemies together since 2020

How to describe DK: Superstar? There are so many ways, really…

You know when you’re arguing in private with someone and a stranger helpfully pops in with the answers to all your questions?

DK: Superstar is like that — ON STEROIDS.

Solutions … answers … bright ideas … ALL FREE. You don’t even need to ask!

DK will just fly in and inform you. Because that’s what Superstars do!

And I know you’re asking:

What does DK stand for?
What are DK’s superpowers?

And all I can say for now is: Answers coming soon!

You’ll be getting to know DK really well in the future, and I know you’re going to love having DK swoop in — unrequested — and save your day!

It’s just what every citizen dreams of.


More Coming Soon!!!