Procrastination and Unforced Errors [Day 18/365]

You know when you miss a deadline you didn’t need to miss?

When life hands you a chance to deliver and you don’t even swing and miss?

You just sit there … thinking. Then you put something off for later that could just as easily be done now.

I did that yesterday. I had plenty of things to do and plenty of options for thoughts I could post to stay on track in my goals, but I got up in my head on other things on my To-Do List and got a bit overwhelmed.

And posted nothing.

And, as I fell asleep last night, this phrase spun in my head as the thought to post first as I play catch up today:

Procrastination is fear saving itself for later.
Day 18 of 365. Sheralyn Pratt

I now need to put the work of 2 days into one to stay on schedule, and I did it to myself because I chose to be overwhelmed instead of doing what needed to be done yesterday.

Isn’t that fun?

(Spoiler alert: It’s not. And that’s why I post this thought for both of us — in case it helps the next procrastination raises its hand like it has a good idea. Just bit the bullet in the moment and don’t let it dogpile stress into the future.)

So I share this thought with you, in case it helps, and wish you the best in whatever you’ve got going. My advice? Do what you can do now, and stay away from the Snooze button.

P.S.: Those of you with sharp eyes may have noticed that Chris at ZuluSix has cleaned up my insignia. I’ll post a larger, clearer image of it in the future, but just wanted to give a shout out to him now and validate any of you who can see the difference even at its current size. So. Much. Better! Thank you, Chris!!!