New Look, New Focus

Welcome to my new web page–your new home for great brand-building ideas.

Those of you who read my books are probably thinking: Wait. Why is this a business page?

Those of you who are here to brand might be wondering: Why are their fiction books here?

It’s best practice to focus on a narrow identity on your website–to really hone in and make it clear who you are and what you do. Juggling three focuses, like I’m about to do on my page, is not something I would advise a client do.

Yet, I have my reasons for breaking best practices and trying something a bit off-trend, which means I’m going to offroad a little bit when it comes to best practices for two reasons:

First of all: I am an explorer, which means I often tread on ground I wouldn’t advise for others.

Second, I am a teacher who likes to explore things firsthand to better help clients. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches can help guide clients to take action with focus and strategy.

These are two of the qualities make me a great consultant.

But I don’t expect you to take my word on that. As they say in the book-writing business: Show, don’t tell.

I plan to do just that for anyone looking to build their own brand or business. I will be using this website, along with Twitter and Instagram to provide you with useful content that helps you make strong choices for your business.

Watch Me Build a Brand

I will also be doing some advertising for a product I will be building from the ground up. You’ll see me start from Ground Zero as I practice what I’m preaching and see how it plays out.

We live in markets that are constantly shifting, which means constantly updating practices. This is best done with an active product in the existing market.

So watch for my new product: Coming Soon!

Navigating This Site

As for how this site works: Each tab should be a bit of its own experience.

There are three main pages to take note of on my site:

The main Scroll page is a collection of tips and thoughts (from me and others) you can return to anytime you need to stimulate a little thought.

This Blog page is all about topic deep diving. Sometimes, I’ll write the post, other times I’ll invite someone to write on a topic they are knowledgeable about. No matter who writes the post, however, useful information will be explored.

The Consult page is where you schedule to meet with me to either refine your brand or consult on next steps.

Updates and additional thoughts will be shared on Twitter. Take a moment to follow me (@SheralynPratt) now. My timeline will be full of helpful tips for things to keep in mind as you continue to grow your brand.

Additionally, I will be using Instagram (@SheralynPratt) to show you what I’m seeing as I’m out and about visiting companies. The information on Instagram will be more on the personal side of business and the people I meet along the way. I will also likely share the developing process of my new product and brand.

More Than One Lane? Is that Allowed?

Some might say: You can’t be a consultant AND sell things! You’ve got to pick your lane.

I would reply: What kind of consultant am I if I can’t build a business that tempts me away from consulting?

So join me on this ride. It’s going to be fun and we’re all going to learn a lot while exploring best practices while seeing if we can suss out some better practices.

Get Started Now

Step 1: Follow me on Twitter so you can check out updates on your own schedule and not miss a thing.

If you like pictures and exploring local businesses, follow me on Instagram, too. But, if you have a business, you should definitely have Twitter, so make an account and come follow me. I’ll make dropping in worth your while and introduce you to some other people worth learning from.

You might be a small fish now, but that doesn’t mean you need to think like one. Think like a big fish and grow.

Start now by following me on Twitter.