Crosswalk Courtesy

Gossip Column

by: Zeitgeist Karen (White. Female. Opinionated & highly concerned. Detail Sleuth. Never heard a story I couldn’t tell better.)

I don’t know that it’s news that some people have forgotten how to drive in this quarantine. 🚗😱🚑

(My suspicion is that they are the people who have NOT been staying home, who have been driving on empty roads this whole time and now have to deal with more cars as quarantine restrictions are relaxed by people who don’t believe in science. BUT, since I have been abiding restrictions, I have no proof of this.)

Unfortunately, thoughtless driving is leading to run-ins like this.

I think we ALL know how this woman feels. Thoughtless driving by strangers is stressful on the best of days!

So be kind, everyone. And play by the rules! You never know who is having a hard day and what your lack of effort might do to them.

A small thing to you can be the straw the broke the camel’s back to someone else.

Hugs to everyone 🤗💖💖💖 and stay safe out there!

Releasing Fear into the Tumult

New Age

by: Capella Nion (Oracle to an ever-changing future. All prophesies have room for correction, unless otherwise stated.)

Crystal ball emoji

As the quarantine continues, an unspoken gap between two types of people is growing: The “essential” and the “unessential” worker.

“Essential” workers are doing well. Work and/or pay is largely uninterrupted (and might even be up!) and they have what they need. Some circumstances may not be ideal, but they’re not worried about paying bills next month.

They’re okay.

On the other side of that spectrum (with many different degrees of “necessary work” in between), there are those who have received unspoken notice that they are “unessential” to the global economy.

Many of the workers who have just received this messaging are small business owners who — without notice — just traded 3 months of revenue for a $1,200 check and all their usual bills because they were too small to qualify for any kind of bailout.

And, unless they were flush going into this, these individuals are not okay.

Many are in trouble with little hope on their horizon, even if their friends and neighbors don’t know it yet.

It’s a conversation that’s coming in some homes, while others will get to skip those talks.

It was while pondering this looming future that I happened upon a wise New Age shop owner who–lack of public assistance aside–is turning every quarantine obstacle to her benefit.

Things are as much against her as they are for any brick-and-mortar small business right now, yet things are looking bright for her — perhaps, brighter than if there had been no quarantine at all!

So I asked her, “How are you doing it? How are you thriving where so many are struggling?”

“I just listen to Mother Earth,” she replied. “When this all started, and I asked her what this chaos was about, she said, ‘Give me your fear. All of it.’ So I did. Until all I had left was my new plans for the future. So I’m doing them. And it’s going to be great!”

Wise words, if you ask me.

And so I share them with you.

For what better path is there out of a mire than to cast fear aside and follow bright thoughts someplace higher?


Gossip Column

by: Zeitgeist Karen
(White. Female. Opinionated & highly concerned. Detail Sleuth. Never heard a story I couldn’t tell better.)

OMG. Social media has been on 🔥 today!

SO much to keep up with. We are still not outside the Bell curve specialists say we should stay within to not create a second wave of sickness AND MY CITY IS OPENING UP!!!

Can you believe the insanity of it all? Will everything we’ve done up until now be for naught???

Several businesses are opening up, but most of my friends are staying smart by staying home. #staysafestayhome

I hear gyms are opening up to appointments only, and I’ll confess I did drive around downtown to see how businesses are complying with mandate.

An ice cream 🍨 store was open, and there wasn’t a mask to be seen. 😡😷

All the book stores are closed📚😞 (which is bittersweet) and restaurants seemed to still be take-out only. #asformeandmyhousewewillordertakeout #stimulatetheeconomy

One restaurant was unabashedly open, with tables 8 feet apart 👏👏, but it was empty when I passed by, saved for the skeleton crew onhand who can no longer claim unemployment.

I also passed by a cell phone store with windows facing the street and there were two men inside: an employee and a customer. Neither had masks on and they were NOT maintaining a social distance. 😨😨🚑⚕🩺💉💊🏥

If a second wave of this flu is on its way, WE’RE SCREWED!

For now, we wait to see if we have truly eluded doom with the HURCULEAN 💪🥇 efforts we’ve been taking for the past 6 weeks, or if death still waits for us like a hungry cat patiently coiled around the corner.

#thinkinghappythots #livelaughlove #stay6feetaway