Finding a Fresh Outlook [Day 30/365]

Sheralyn Pratt 30/365
Few things re more convincing than a delusion.

Today’s thought is brought to you by a moment of self-awareness.

We humans like to pretend we are ruled by logic and rationale, but there is no evidence to support this because we base our “logic” and “rationale” on our emotional responses to previous experiences.

And once we “know” how things are? Well, then, that’s when life says, “Oh, really? You’ve figured things out? Prove it.”

When you think about it, it’s quite easy to develop false beliefs about correlations between actions and consequences. We all have such a limited view of things when we’re first exposed to them and it’s our mind’s job to respond to the new information on a primitive/safety level first. This makes one of the hardest parts about weeding out delusions finding the misapplied logic that turned the false belief into a fortified “truth” in the first place.

After all, misapplied logic usually results in us feeling empowered, comfortable, or good. And how can something that feels empowering, comfortable, or good be bad?


Delusions are tricky like that. So it’s just good to remember: Few things are more convincing than a delusion and don’t judge yourself too harshly when you uproot them and see their tangled roots.

Just let them go so you can move closer to a truth.