Tipping Services

Thank you for visiting Sheralyn’s virtual tipping space for the Muse Coccoon Tavern.

I’m glad I was able to provide a service that brought you here.

I am currently accepting tips via Venmo. Tips can be in any amount you wish and you can find my account here:

If you’re unsure of how much to tip, here’s a menu of some signature Muse Coccoon Tavern tipping amounts to choose from:

$8.88 – The “Good Luck” Tip

Once there was a man who opened his own shop. For years, he labored and labored, showing up every day and working the shop by himself.

After many years of visiting his store, I arrived one day to find all the prices changed on his merchandise. All the prices ended with $0.88. When I asked him why, he said, “I spoke to an advisor who said my financial luck would change if I ended all my prices in .88. So I am changing all the prices and we’ll see what happens.”

Long story short, it did work for him and that’s how the $8.88 tip came to be and is considered the proper amount to tip when you’re not sure if you’ve discovered something you need here, but you’d like to leave some good will in your wake anyway.

$23 – The “Unstuck” Tip

This is the common tipping for those who were stuck on something before visiting, but now need to take off because they have a clear vision of a new way to do something.

Maybe what you discovered is a final puzzle piece, maybe it isn’t. But you’re moving and the energy around your project is good again. A $23 tip is code for: “Thanks for the renewed momentum and clarity!”

$55 – The “New Direction” Tip

This is the tip for confirming that you’re on the path to something better because of something you discovered here at the Muse Coccoon Tavern.

This new direction should benefit you greatly — to the point that $55 is a steal as a consult fee. But that’s okay. The coded tip is $55 anyway.

$88.88: The “Sharing Providence” Tip

Something you applied REALLY paid off, and you want to add some fuel to the good mojo you’re experiencing by sending a “good luck” tip to your host.

This is a great tip choice when you are full of abundance and want both the universe and management to know you are ready for more!