It’s Time to be a Headliner: Main Character Energy

The spotlight is on and the house lights are down. Are you ready?

Cuz it’s “GO” time!

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I don’t know about you, but I feel like it’s date night and my date is knocking while I still haven’t figured out what to wear.

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I’ve been feeling like that all year … not that you’d know that, since I’ve basically been MIA online the whole time.

If I was on your radar in January, you may remember I started out this year by telling you that 2022 was going to be the Year of Main Character Energy. I even made this spirited header:

I told you that 2022 was the year where anyone not establishing their authentic online presence was missing the boat. Then I ghosted you and went off and did the EXACT opposite of what I’d just advised you to do:

I went dark on the internet for seven months and only engaged with others in person.

And I did this in case I was wrong about the importance of showing up in the digital world during this time — just in case connecting only in the physical world was still a viable way to work.

But it isn’t. Today, I’m actually eager to step into the online energy … even if I’m still not sure what to wear.

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Keeping it real, the past seven months have been a rough grind through some hard knocks. I learned a lot and I’m sure I’ll share some of that super-fun wisdom with you sometime.

But it’s not time for that yet. Now is not the season for unpacking drama.

It’s Leo season !! The season of maximizing your potential by unapologetically embracing your shine.

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It’s the season of enjoying all the things that make it fun to be you and calling it “summertime.”

It’s the season for everyone — me, included — to show up to the party NOT as the staff, but as a guest others came to speak to.

In my case, this means it’s time to:

  • start posting videos
  • start online conversations
  • discover my preferred medium
  • enjoy life more
  • develop my reputation

And that all starts today — with this blog and TikTok, soon to be joined with greeting cards, stickers, and other types of unique designs.

Why? Because two things I like to do with my time are: design and write. And I’m going to get in the habit of sharing those things with you.

In life, I am a random, creative person you seek out when you want to look at old things in new ways. But it’s time to stop selling my labor and reputation by the hour and start standing for things that are genuinely mine by showing up real-time.

After all, time marches on, even if we don’t. So why not find the beat of our own drums and dance with it as we go?

Why not choose own our narrative in the chaos and have some fun?

That is Main Character Energy: self-awareness and purpose paired with impeccable timing.

Here’s my last tip as your coach:

Authentically express yourself online in the next 3 weeks.

You’ll be cutting it close on catching your summer rays before pumpkin-latte season sets in, but we’ll do it together.

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Just remember: Be authentic! The days of positioning yourself like a static brand are done. No one wants to hear a rehearsed monlogue on improv night. You’ve gotta flow.

The online mood now is all about being genuine and in the moment, so that’s all you’ve got to be — while picking your niche and being known for something.

What do you want to be known for?

Embrace that vision today, and step into your main character energy.

It’s time.


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