A Quick Bio

Hi. My name is Sheralyn Pratt. And the first thing you should know about me is that if I don’t become a DJ before I die, then I definitely didn’t complete my bucket list.

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“But, Sheralyn,” you may say. “You’re not even close to the music scene now and I’ve never seen you touch an instrument.”

True enough. But a quirk of mine is that I sometimes take the long way to where I’m going — imagining the final destination will be richer for the diverse experience gained along the way. *

*Yet after several decades of this approach, I must confess that I’m not certain my approach is the best around. There is something to be said for taking the short roads when you are young, but oh well.

Time will tell. The story’s not over yet.

Let’s see … what else is good to know about me?

I was born and raised to be a devout Mormon, but these days I think I qualify more as a mystic.

Calling myself a “mystic” used to make me feel like I was trying too hard to appear wise or mysterious, but a mystic is really just someone who makes it a practice to sit with difficult thoughts in a meditative state.

And I do that a lot.

In hindsight, it’s kind of hard to tell if being a mystic made me a writer, or if sitting in writerly thoughts created the discipline required to not look away from the uncomfortable.

Either way, the history books will show that I became a writer before I achieved my deejay dreams.

If you look me up now, you will find my reputation has mostly been built in creative writing. I’ve written successful commercials and award-winning fiction. I’ve written manuals and training courses and speeches.

But I much prefer simply speaking.

Honestly, I would probably be a better podcast host than I am a writer. Maybe someday I’ll put that to the test.

Why? Because I’m the kind of person who tests those kinds of things

Maybe the most interesting/frustrating thing about me is my tendency to do things for a time and move on. My resume reads like an ADHD journey filled with Big Fish stories and epic faceplants. And I’m at a spot in my life where I’m embracing that.

Yes, I was once a karate instructor. Yes, I was once a stage performer. Yes, I was once a publicist. Yes, I have written over a dozen books. Yes, I sold t-shirts in Hawaii. Yes, I taught tourists to pan for gold in Alaska. Yes, I have been an aerobics instructor. Yes, I have sat in meetings with Fortune 500 executives and achieved exceptional results in helping them train their employees.

And, yes, I am also known for reading palms at a local crystal shop … among other things.

I am a fully random person who has been around the block and worked at most of the shops.

This makes me a great consultant and an excellent person to meet with when it’s time to look at old things in new ways and strategize for your future.

Funnily enough, my strength as a consultant is actually a little painful for me to admit.

You see, I was raised to be a good worker. Punctual. Reliable. Someone you can count on rain, snow, or shine — 365 days a year. I literally made it from kindergarten to high school graduation with no unauthorized absences.

My parents did their best. Never doubt that.

But in the battle of Nature vs. Nurture, it would seem that Nature may be my winning team. And my nature thrives on variety and changing scenes. And when you catch me in those spaces, you catch the best of me.

So, yeah … there’s a little about me.

Basically, I am a writer who should probably move into podcasting so I can raise myself up to a place where I can just be a DJ for fun. And if I’m mixing my own playlist while surrounded by inventors, creatives, and performers, then you just walked in on my living my best life.

For now, I would love to connect with you online.

Let’s talk — especially if you’re looking for a podcast guest or a quick consult to reflect on your best next steps.

Reach out on Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok.

I look forward to meeting you soon.