“Alpha & Omega” by T.S. Bard

Content Rating: 18+ MATURE

Welcome to the works of Sheralyn’s alter-ego: T.S. Bard.

What does T.S. stand for?

“T” stands for “The”

“S” stands for “Smutty”

Put it together and you get: The Smutty Bard.

Have no illusions, if you click “Start Reading” at the bottom of the page, you will step into the pansexual werewolf world of alphas, omegas, and betas (A/B/O).

And there WILL be smut.

“What is smut?” you ask.

Well, to be technical about it, there are 4 main types of genres when it comes to depicting the chemistry of bringing characters together:

  • Romance
  • Porn
  • Erotica
  • Smut

Romances focus on courtship and foreplay, but typically end the scenes and close the door when characters move past kissing. These types of stories are often considered appropriate for all ages.

Porn focuses on the pleasure of one person while dehumanizing all other characters to the point where they could literally be replaced with objects with built-in speakers repeating affirmations praising the main character no matter what they do. These stories train the mind to only seek its own pleasure and feel rejected in the face of authentic feedback, which has given them a reputation for causing harm in real-world relationships.

Erotica is romance where the sex scenes are not necessarily required but included for the enjoyment of the audience. These intimate scenes depict the mutual enjoyment, pleasure, and connection characters enjoy when they come together.

Smut is where the sex scenes of a story are integral to the plot. If you skip the sex, the plot doesn’t make sense; if you skip the plot, the sex is out-of-context porn or erotica.

And The Smutty Bard writes smut.

So if you’re seeking my usual PG material, this is not it.

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The story that follows is 18+ A/B/O WEREWOLF SMUT

It contains:

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