Falling Apart or Coming Together [12/365]

So often we say we’re barely “holding it together” but how often do we stop to examine exactly what we’re holding together, and why?

Things are meant to evolve. To hold things in a constant state actually goes against nature. It’s why clean people have to clean every day — and, often, more than that.

Because things like to be in a natural state; structure must be forced. And some of that structure may serve you and some of that structure might slave you.

So in moments when all your efforts and plans seem to slipping through your fingers, take a moment to ponder this simple question.

Day 12/365 by Sheralyn Pratt
As yourself: Are you really falling apart, or are you finally coming together?

Happy Equinox [Day 10/365]

No lies: If I wasn’t posting everyday, today’s entry would never see the light of day. It’s not what I’m going for, but I feel like it might be a draft that shows me enough of what I did wrong to push me in the right direction.

Sometimes, you’ve gotta do things wrong to see what needs to be changed to make things right, amiright?

So here you go: Learn from me here.

Man, learning to art when you’re older (and have a mental benchmark for how good you should be at something) is challenging. I recommend immersing yourself in art while you’re young and playing with it then — you know, if that’s an option for you. 😉 If not, I hope my attempts make you brave to try something of your own.

Today’s experiment: an image from my neck of the woods of a little spot of vegetation topped off with the 9/22 phase of the moon.

If you don’t know this about me yet, I am far more interested in the luminaries and stars in the sky than I am in the lights and stars of Hollywood, and you will likely see aspects of that in much of the work that I do. After all, what better bedrock is there for world building than the clockwork of the world we already live in?

Sketch of moon with vegetation

Morning Thought: The Game of Life [Day 9/365]

Happy Autumnal Equinox — one of two days a year when the night and day are equal lengths. If you have a chance to get outside, I would go for it. It’s a beautiful day.

Day 9’s contribution is posting a day late because yesterday was a writing day that I didn’t want to cut short. So you’ll get two posts today as I catch up.

This time delay brings you another Morning Thought from this morning. It may be a bit cumbersome to read on your first try because it is best read with a slight Shakespearean stage lilt.

But I liked it, so I pass it on to you … on top of that weird background from a few days ago that I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about.

Do you find it weirdly likeable, like I do, or does it drive you crazy? I’d be curious to know.

In the meantime, may the Game of Life treat you well and may we always remember how to “fun”. 😂

The Game of Life, by Sheralyn Pratt
All the world's a stage 
we come from and wide 
to play on; the challenge:
To see if we still know how to 
play by the time we're done, 
or if we get lost in life's maze 
and forget how to "fun".

And Jesus Wept [Day 8/365]

These are the first words that played in my mind when I woke up this morning, and I wanted to document them.

I know these phrases don’t go together in scripture. I also know I’m taking a few liberties with the phrasing, but I think the story of how Jesus wept for Lazarus before he raised him — knowing he would raise him — is a wonderful dynamic to reflect on because it shows how Jesus acknowledged a reality before he changed it.

Jesus didn’t walk into town, see everyone crying, and tell them to stop because everything would shortly be fine. He didn’t discount their sorrow because there was a miracle on the horizon.

First, he acknowledged the current reality first. He bore record of his feelings for the untimely loss of Lazarus by mourning his friend’s death with his entire being. And I’ll be so bold as to say that one of the reasons he did this because there is a time for all things and a purpose under heaven.

And, sometimes, there’s a time to truly mourn a loss even if you have faith that the sun will come out tomorrow or there’s a miracle on the horizon.

Even if you have faith things will be better down the road, there is a time to acknowledge the present and release its anguish out of your body, rather than tell yourself things will be better in the future and you need to be strong now — thereby, internalizing the sorrow and carrying it with you as an unprocessed weight to be dealt with ( or not dealt with ) in the future.

Allow yourself to process things as they come and bear witness to how the circumstances are impacting you.

Because there is a time and season for all things, and a purpose under heaven. A time to weep and a time to rejoice, and for each moment to be unabashedly pure, based on the reality of your circumstances. For this is how we are able to live presently in the now, and authentically across time.

That was my morning thought this morning and I didn’t want it to disappear like a dream. So I share it with you and hope it serves you as well.

Podcasts, Blogging, Choosing Colors [Day 7/365]

Day 7 was all about a mammoth blog I didn’t post, two podcasts I bailed out of finishing and editing when I strayed off topic, and finding color swatches for products.

I’ll only be posting one of these things here. 😂

The thing I (re)learned about blogging is that I already write too much and don’t want to write MORE in the form of a blog. (Seriously. SO MUCH SITTING!) I need to embrace multi-media and some form of streaming because that would also remove the obstacle of editing and posting. (Because that’s a real job that takes real time that involves more sitting. And I’m really trying to move away from that.)

So, if I broadcast, I’m pretty sure it just needs to happen live.

All these excuses aside, however, I DO have some swatches to show you. There are 3 at the moment, and there may be a few more. Right now, the idea would be to narrow them all down to one swatch of 5 colors that all go with a theme.

But here’s 15 colors to start.

Color swatch of neutral blues, greens, and beige.
Color swatch of merlot, blues, and greens
Color swatch of sunset yellow, orange, and blues

Have any faves?

The Color Scheme of a Love Story [Day 6/365]

Today was a writing day of something I hope to have out your way soon. (Wish me luck on that!!!😂)

It’s the tale of two soulmates, and the colors of their souls are mentioned in the story, since they’re fae … and, well, fae are ALL about the color of their auras! They know their color like you know your eye color.

No finished story for you yet, but here’s a novice rendering of their color scheme of their energies tangling.

Orange and purple yin-yang. Tiki and Mowgli