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My Most-Used Microphone: The Zoom H1 Handy Mic

We all need microphones these days. I have 3, but one of them is so versatile that it’s pretty much the only one I use.

That’s the Zoom H1 Handy Mic.

The Zoom H1n goes everywhere and, if you remove the batteries when it’s not in use, then it is not a battery hog. (But if you leave them in when powered off, your fresh batteries may be dead when you come back.)

I’ve used this for all sorts of things. You can hear online that I’ve used it to record chapters or mobile podcasts, but I’ve also taken it to interview elderly people I know to capture their stories.

This mic is great at capturing close-up sound, but you can also put it in the middle of a room, just let people talk, and find that it picks up most voices equally.

I use the Zoom H1 more than any other mic because it goes more places and sounds better while its there. The Blue Yeti I have has literally only been used once because it was a step down in every way.

Even better, my mic is so old you can’t get it anymore (only its upgrade) AND IT STILL WORKS GREAT. And in a world where everything electronic is pretty much built to die within 2 years, I consider that a huge win. I’m on year 5 with mine, and it’s still working great!

So, if you’re in the market for a mobile microphone that captures great audio, give the Zoom H1n a chance.

It hasn’t disappointed me yet.

Oh, and grab some foam toppers while you’re add it. They’re an inexpensive add-on that will help you create expensive-sounding results.

Reasons to Get Your Dog a Kong

It’s time to get my dog a new Kong.

For those of you who have never met my dog, she’s pretty much the best good girl on the planet and her name is SeBi — which is short for SExy B*tch.

SeBi hiking in Goblin Valley, Utah

The first time I got SeBi a Kong, she was a puppy. Back then, the manufacturers were billing it as an indestructible toy, but I can assure you that is not true.

In SeBi’s 13 years, she’s chewed her way through more than a few Kongs, but their destructibility doesn’t change the fact that they’re a GREAT toy for your dog!

If you get one puzzle toy for your dog, I’d argue that a KONG is the best choice.

What IS a Kong?

A Kong is a very durable puzzle toy designed to make dogs work for the treat(s) you place inside.

If you have an anxious dog that freaks out when you leave, this toy might just be your best friend because if you put something amazing inside, your dog will have something to focus on for a while besides missing you.

Stowed properly, treats will take some work to get to, your dog will have to work for it in ways that makes it even more gratifying to eat. This means, by the time your dog is done, they will probably be in a much happier state of mind than when they watched you walk out the door and be able to relax a bit until they hear you come back.

Introduced properly, this toy can cut waaaay back on anxious behaviors, until one day you come back to find them sleeping.

Possibilities like this are why Kongs are the only toy I recommend for ALL dog owners. They stimulate your dog’s intellect while satisfying their taste buds.

And I can say that, after 13 years, it’s the only toy my dog has dropped at my feet no less than twice a day.

Which is why I have to get her new ones from time to time. Because she loves it.

They’re totally worth the price. So, if you don’t have one, my dog-owner tip for you today is: GET YOUR DOG A KONG & give it a try.

If you get good treats to put inside, there is literally no way your dog won’t enjoy the victory of getting them out.

Used it strategically, this toy can be a game changer for dogs with a whole lot of energy.


Blog 2.0

For all the years blogging has existed, I’ve never really gotten into it.

When you write all day, most days, the thought of sitting down to write something more is like a mental rock you want to tell yourself you don’t need to carry one more of..

This means I usually did one of two things when it came to blogging:

* I didn’t do it
* I did it poorly

Well, it’s time to do better & have some fun at the same time so let’s upgrade this website & start making it a place you’re glad you visited.

Starting … now!

2021: The Year of the Butterfly

I don’t know if it’s official yet but, UNOFFICIALLY, 2021 is definitely the year of the Butterfly.

For many, 2020 was a cocoon year of pressure that demanded change, whether we were ready or not.

For others, this was not necessarily the case. Their job didn’t disappear and their quality of life and income actually improved.

If that’s you, then I salute you.

But, if you’re like me, 2020 was a pressure cooker for you that demanded that you evolve and fly, or hold your ground and die … and you’re beginning anew in a field you maybe never thought about before this lockdowns were a thing.

If that’s you, then I’m totally right there with you.

So here’s to 2021: The year of metamorphosis taking flight while showing true colors and shining bright!

(Full disclosure: I’ll be doing this picture again at the end of the year and see how much I improve over one year of practice.)

The Incubation and Marination of Ideas [Day 37/365]

Today, I tripped into an idea I wrote down a couple years ago. The day I wrote the idea down, I saw it as a fun idea but never imagined I could pull it off.

But today it caught my eye and I started it. It’s going to be fun, but it’s all writing so I don’t have a picture for you. But that’s okay. I’m good with not handing over any spoilers. We’ll just wait until the cover reveal.


The Potential of New Dawns [Day 36/365]

Sheralyn Pratt Day 36/365
End the day better than you found it.

I’m talking to myself here.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the patterns of life or get caught up in the analysis paralysis of anxiety. I know this because I have a history of tripping into this trap throughout any given day.

And I’m ready for something new.

So this is a call to action for me, and I share it with you in case it helps you, too.

Every day is a new opportunity, and each new dawn is a chance to start again.

Some Doodles You Don’t Reveal as Drafts [Day 35/365]

Sheralyn Pratt 35/365

Day 35 is the day I made my first t-shirt design. And I nearly posted the rough draft of it, but the truth is I only want you to see the final version.

Some designs you just don’t need to see the sketches of, but I promise you a reveal of the final look in future weeks.

Until then, all I’ve got for you is intrigue.

I Am Here to be Weird [Day 34/365]

The year I embraced my own vision was the year progressivism conquered liberalism and empathy devoured love … the year everyone wore a mask to save Boomers, and children were mainstreamed into learning from computers.

It was the year when tribes got smaller, squads got tighter, and everyone experimented with raised gardens.

It was a year so insane that I finally made sense to myself.

Every year before this year, I’d known I had no idea what this world was all about, so I’d searched all over to find what others had figured out. Everyone seemed so confident that things were one way or another and I very much wanted for someone to be right so they could mansplain life to me.

I was genuinely seeking answers, yet nothing I found made me stop my search and start to believe — even when I forced myself to try. Everything felt incomplete so I’d set out again to search for more.

Sometimes, I’d hit the roads for months — driving whichever direction called to find people who saw life differently than I’d seen it. Sometimes, we’d talk over a fire late at night. Other times, we crossed paths at tourist destinations. Often, we met at some niche local shop that sells the oddities you only find on the road.

Nearly always, the people I met were good people.

Occasionally, I met people who were not well-intentioned. But I learned to respect all types quite equally because the world is a big place and we all play our role.

And, sometimes, we don’t.

Sometimes, we shake things up and a wolf is a knight in shining armor for not eating you when he could, and a hero doesn’t save the day because he’s not in the mood.

Yet no matter how the day plays out, there’s one thing that’s fairly certain: Everyone is doing the best they can with what they know and what experience has taught them.

In this way, everyone is a teacher of how the world works for them. And I love hearing about the same principles from different perspectives because it helps me understand them better.

Up until now, I never dared believe I truly understood something. But in this year of toilet paper and bottled water hoarding, I came to really understand that everyone is guessing as best they can in this crazy world.

I’m guessing you already knew that.

I certainly feel like I’m pulling up in the last short bus to school as I catch up with the fact that life is not meant to be understood real-time because we cannot think and be present and the same time.

This is a tough concept for thinkers like me to wrap their heads around, but I think I’ve finally go tit.

Life is to be embraced with unabashed authenticity. We’re here to see how long we last, how bright we shine, and to light up dark paths for travelers passing by.

I have met so many people with bright inner-lights over the years — people who made no illusion of their path in this world and never played at being anything but what they were. And I’ve always respected such people.

So now it’s time to be like them.

I’ve always feared going full-bright on the world because I’m a weird soul. And, no, that’s not me being hyperbolic or self-defeating. I’ll bet you can’t find a single person who knows me who would describe me as “normal.” It’s a word people choke on a bit when it comes to describing me, yet I never really pop out as very extreme either because I’m always listening … always weighing … always learning.

And that’s fine, but it’s time to go full bright, choose a vision, and stand for something.

I have the insane year of 2020 to thank for this. It’s a year that shook up anyone who lived through it. I would imagine it has changed nearly everyone it’s touched. It’s definitely had its paws all over me and it’s taught me one lesson louder than any other:

Be genuine — whatever that looks like. And, in my case, that looks a little weird. So I hereby embrace this meme moving forward, and promise to turn up the brightness on my lamp from here on out.

Sheralyn Pratt Day 34/365
I am here to be weird.