Getting Started

If you picked up this book of your own accord, chances are you fall into one of the following categories:

  • You are (considering) starting up a business
  • You are a creative individual looking to sell unique products (an artist, author, jewelry maker, etc.)
  • You work for an established small business that is having difficulty transitioning from a startup to a mid-sized company
  • You work at a large company and want to better understand the mentality behind your company’s strict branding guidelines

If one of the above descriptions sounds like you, then this book is going to be very useful.

This book of branding essentials moves quickly and is action focused. Your time is valuable, and if you’re self-employed you’re probably already working overtime, so this book isn’t looking to use any more of your time than necessary.

Part One quickly explains what branding is and why it’s a current necessity in business.

Part Two communicates the essential steps of branding in plain English and puts you on track to immediately build your brand.

The methodology in this book is based on a quote, generally attributed to Albert Einstein or Richard Feynman, that states:

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”

Maybe they both said it. Who knows? Either way, this sentiment reflects the approach of this book. After reading each section, you should understand what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and be able to immediately jump into action and strengthen your brand.

To help you move through this process, keep your eyes open for the following icons throughout this book, and let’s get started!

Getting it Right: A Real-World Example


Brainstorm ways to apply this concept to your brand