Official Amateur COVID-19 Study

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SECTION 1: Verified COVID-19 Public Statistics

See a better, more credible source than the one I am currently citing? Link me to it by submitting here.


SECTION 2: Official Treatment Protocols (by country)

We’ll use this section to see how different areas and schools of thought are responding differently, which can be compared to the statistics in their area to gauge effectiveness.


SECTION 3: Personal Cases

Have you had, or do you currently have COVID-19? What kind of care are you receiving? Do you recommend it?

Answer these questions and more and we’ll create a spreadsheet of experience anyone can access as part of informing their own care.


SECTION 4: “Someone I Know” Cases

Does someone you know personally have COVID-19? Not someone you’ve heard about online, but someone close–a parent, sibling, child, friend, coworker, neighbor, or someone similar.

If someone who is ill or has passed on cannot answer for themselves, share their journey here.


SECTION 5: COVID-Adjacent Deaths

This section explores the situations where people who required medical care but were advised against receiving it to avoid potential exposure to COVID-19 at a hospital.

I include this section because I think these stories are as relevant as COVID-19 deaths. If someone dies because they did not receive needed care due to COVID-19 protocol, I think these stories should be heard and considered to inform future responses.


SECTION 6: Theories for Limiting Risk & Preventative Care

This section focuses on preventative measures presented by pharmaceutical, nutriceutical, and dietary experts for people to consider adopting into their own lives to decrease susceptibility and potentially limit the impact of infection.


SECTION 7: Viral Videos People are Talking About (for better, or worse)