Coaching Sessions with Sheralyn

Moldavite: A vivid green tektite believed to stimulate all chakra points and called “the transformation stone.”

Moldavite is not a stone for everybody because wearing it invites the world to come at you fast and often starts in your blindspot. To wear it, you must be open to leveling up, even that means you take a few hard knocks along the way.

It’s all still love … just on fast-forward.

And that’s how sessions with me are.

I am a coach for when you are ready to clarify your vision of how you show up in this world and the vision you want to build while you’re here.

I currently do 60-minute, in-person sessions @ Synchronicities in Sandy, Utah.

A new path awaits. Schedule now to kickstart your journey.


Wendy Paul

I remember the conversation like it was yesterday…

Sheralyn and I were working closely together to launch my first of 9 published cookbooks. She was walking me through how to create a marketing web to connect with my ideal customer and I was terrified. I had no idea what I was doing.

“You have to ask for what you want,” she said.
“If you don’t, the answer will always be a no.
What if it was a yes?”

Fast forward to today: I have multiple best-selling books, a successful meal prep & catering business. I’m traveling the world as a retreat chef, have regular TV segments, interviews, and a waitlist for new clients.

I created my dream job just by asking for my dreams.

Anjanette Mickelsen

Sheralyn’s approach is refreshing and deeply insightful. From the moment we talked about changes that I want to make in my life and goals I want to accomplish, we were quickly able to hone into a new energy and a different strategy for my life.

I now have a game plan, a strategy, and accountability.

I highly recommend working with Sheralyn. She is not your average coach, and you will find wonderful and unique insights working with her.

Sessions @ Synchronicities in Sandy, Utah