LIBERTY: If We Can Keep It


by: The Patriot (The United States was founded on certain principles. I stand for those principles because no government has the right to make a slave out of me.)

Folks, not since yesterday have our liberties ever been more imperiled than they are today.

Why? Because you’re all a bunch of scared little sissies cowering in your homes from a flu virus when it’s May outside.

I mean, if you’re willing to sell your liberty so cheap, maybe you don’t deserve to have it.

But I do!

I have the right to work my land. I have the right to buy seeds that aren’t GMO. I have a right to have a gun that can shoot back at anyone taking a shot at me. I have the right to meet strangers in a bar and not walk around with a mask over my face like a dude in a burqa.

I. Have. Rights. And if I didn’t want those rights, I would have been born somewhere else, learned things the hard way there, then moved here for a better life.

At least, I would have in decades past. But, maybe, not anymore.

Today, Candace Owens was suspended from Twitter for tweeting this to her followers:

Candace Owens tweet, suspended

Now, if you know Candace like I do, you know she is laughing her head off at this suspension, but this action taken by Twitter clearly demonstrates how dangerous free thought is considered right now.

Candace’s tweet is being considered as an actual call to violence, resulting in inevitable and malicious death. Look at the conversation around it on Twitter if you don’t believe me. Many want her criminally prosecuted for reckless endangerment.

Think about that: Telling people to go to work IF THEY WANT TO is being treated the same as if she just tweeted out a call to murder people in the streets.

This is where people’s heads are at. They want to treat sharing public air while going about life as negligent homicide when anyone who wants to stay in quarantine or exercise precautions is free to do so while the rest of us choose not to hide from this new invisible enemy.

What do people think is going to happen? That the quarantined and vulnerable are going to be ripped from their homes and breathed on by infected masses in the public square? These libs have clearly been watching too many zombie shows.

No. People who WANT and NEED to live their lives will go about their business as they see fit as we all process the new flu in town and try not to let it take many of us down.

I’m not going to stop the world so that libs can get off and force me into some purified pod to live on UBI and only have approved contact with people, information, and messaging for the rest of my life.

No way. No, sir. Not happening!

All these people who want to stay inside because they prefer their TVs to real people can live whatever life suits them: Go for it! This is still a free enough country for that. But I will NOT let the liberals’ general contempt for humanity and intolerance to anyone who doesn’t meet their standards become my lifestyle.

Go live in a pod! Fine. Just don’t try to force me into one with you.

Our founding fathers went through a lot to try to give us a free country, and I’m willing to fight to keep it.

Who’s with me?

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