Happy Equinox [Day 10/365]

No lies: If I wasn’t posting everyday, today’s entry would never see the light of day. It’s not what I’m going for, but I feel like it might be a draft that shows me enough of what I did wrong to push me in the right direction.

Sometimes, you’ve gotta do things wrong to see what needs to be changed to make things right, amiright?

So here you go: Learn from me here.

Man, learning to art when you’re older (and have a mental benchmark for how good you should be at something) is challenging. I recommend immersing yourself in art while you’re young and playing with it then — you know, if that’s an option for you. 😉 If not, I hope my attempts make you brave to try something of your own.

Today’s experiment: an image from my neck of the woods of a little spot of vegetation topped off with the 9/22 phase of the moon.

If you don’t know this about me yet, I am far more interested in the luminaries and stars in the sky than I am in the lights and stars of Hollywood, and you will likely see aspects of that in much of the work that I do. After all, what better bedrock is there for world building than the clockwork of the world we already live in?

Sketch of moon with vegetation

Day 2: “It’s a Gas, Gas, Gaslit World” Movie Poster Mock-up

Mock-up poster for "It's a Gas, Gas, Gaslit World" The Must Un-See Documentary of 2020!

As part of building my new business, I will be posting unique content every day as I learn new skills.

One of those skills is art.

And I have A LOT to learn so, for now, I need to constrain myself to what I can produce in a day to meet my posting goals. But the hope is that what that end-product looks like improves across the days and months to come.

If you have a pro tip, feel free to share! I’m looking to improve and it will certainly be fun to go back and create second and final drafts with a year of practice under my belt.

For now, however, I will give myself permission to make mock-ups that are more like artistic direction than final products as I work on what kind of a visual artist I actually am.

But step 1: Capture concepts and moments of inspiration before they pass by!