Some Doodles You Don’t Reveal as Drafts [Day 35/365]

Sheralyn Pratt 35/365

Day 35 is the day I made my first t-shirt design. And I nearly posted the rough draft of it, but the truth is I only want you to see the final version.

Some designs you just don’t need to see the sketches of, but I promise you a reveal of the final look in future weeks.

Until then, all I’ve got for you is intrigue.

The Color Scheme of a Love Story [Day 6/365]

Today was a writing day of something I hope to have out your way soon. (Wish me luck on that!!!😂)

It’s the tale of two soulmates, and the colors of their souls are mentioned in the story, since they’re fae … and, well, fae are ALL about the color of their auras! They know their color like you know your eye color.

No finished story for you yet, but here’s a novice rendering of their color scheme of their energies tangling.

Orange and purple yin-yang. Tiki and Mowgli