Ask Capella

New Age

by: Capella Nion

(Oracle to an ever-changing future. All prophesies have room for correction, unless otherwise stated.)

Dear Capella,

I saw a meme the other day that said:

Are we going to talk about the fact that the last normal day any of us had was Friday the 13th?

I can so relate to that! Life has been so crazy through this pandemic, all routine has been upturned, and everything feels so unsure. I’m doing everything right that I can, but the anxiety is getting to me.

What can I do to de-stress and find balance again?

Sincerely Yours,

A Seeker


Dear Seeker,

Fulfillment is found in joyful expression; anxiety is the opposite of this. Ironically, this is one of the reasons it is hard for smart people to be happy: because joy is not expressed by thinking through things, but by experiencing them.

Joy is a feeling we find in moments of pure thoughtlessness. And it is hard to be thoughtless when we are afraid.

So I ask you, Dear Seeker, when is the last time you expressed yourself so joyfully that you brought everyone in the room with you? No pre-planning, no gimmicks. Just the joy of a moment, plus you being you.

When is the last time you found the joy in a moment, despite the uncertainties around you? When is the last time you expressed yourself — without thinking or saying a word?

Bonus question: How can you elevate your immediate environment to spark joy in you and others?

To find balance, I would suggest setting some time aside each day to follow joy when you find it — especially if the world is still closed for quarantine around you as your news feeds fill with threats and frets that haunt you when you should be sleeping.

We can find peace in hard times but only through authentic expression, untouched by guilt or worry.

Worry is a waste of imagination

is one of my favorite catchphrases for expressing how the power of thought is directional. For what is anxiety but an imagination fixated on outcomes of catastrophic failure?

Anxiety is a torturous fixation that cuts at your spirit with little knives until you are defensively focused on pain avoidance.

Reverse this fixation by releasing the need to be smart about things that are out of your control and redirecting your thoughts to joyful, immediate action.

This is my remedy for the anxiety that ails you:

Crawl back into your own skin, find a pocket of joy, then embrace it.

Do this often and balance will return.

Wishing you the best in your ongoing quarantine!

Capella Nion



People of certain constitutions may have been experiencing symptoms over the past several months, due to the increased electrification of the earth’s atmosphere.

Symptoms include:

  • Poor circulation (especially to the hands and feet)
  • Sense of an onset of arthritis or MS
  • Tickling of throat ~30 minutes into/after sun exposure
  • Asthmatic reactions to minor exercise (with no prior or recent history)
  • Low sense of fragrance (although honeysuckle fared well in my area)

If you’ve had any of these symptoms, you may be having a response to the 5G upgrade in our atmosphere.

There are many ways to respond to these symptoms, but might I suggest:

Licorice Root Tea

I’ve been drinking Yogi Egyptian Licorice tea lately, and find it to be a great licorice flavor to sip while wrangling fraught thoughts.

Help support this advice column by using my affiliate link to give this yummy tea a try!

Thank you for your support.