Reasons to Get Your Dog a Kong

It’s time to get my dog a new Kong.

For those of you who have never met my dog, she’s pretty much the best good girl on the planet and her name is SeBi — which is short for SExy B*tch.

SeBi hiking in Goblin Valley, Utah

The first time I got SeBi a Kong, she was a puppy. Back then, the manufacturers were billing it as an indestructible toy, but I can assure you that is not true.

In SeBi’s 13 years, she’s chewed her way through more than a few Kongs, but their destructibility doesn’t change the fact that they’re a GREAT toy for your dog!

If you get one puzzle toy for your dog, I’d argue that a KONG is the best choice.

What IS a Kong?

A Kong is a very durable puzzle toy designed to make dogs work for the treat(s) you place inside.

If you have an anxious dog that freaks out when you leave, this toy might just be your best friend because if you put something amazing inside, your dog will have something to focus on for a while besides missing you.

Stowed properly, treats will take some work to get to, your dog will have to work for it in ways that makes it even more gratifying to eat. This means, by the time your dog is done, they will probably be in a much happier state of mind than when they watched you walk out the door and be able to relax a bit until they hear you come back.

Introduced properly, this toy can cut waaaay back on anxious behaviors, until one day you come back to find them sleeping.

Possibilities like this are why Kongs are the only toy I recommend for ALL dog owners. They stimulate your dog’s intellect while satisfying their taste buds.

And I can say that, after 13 years, it’s the only toy my dog has dropped at my feet no less than twice a day.

Which is why I have to get her new ones from time to time. Because she loves it.

They’re totally worth the price. So, if you don’t have one, my dog-owner tip for you today is: GET YOUR DOG A KONG & give it a try.

If you get good treats to put inside, there is literally no way your dog won’t enjoy the victory of getting them out.

Used it strategically, this toy can be a game changer for dogs with a whole lot of energy.