Rose Torch: A Twin Flame Collection

Writing is such a journey. And part of the journey is learning that telling the same stories over and over — no matter how good they are — can be tiresome.

To grow in the craft, you must learn to tell a new kind of story.

You see, it’s not a desire to share words that gets a person to write, it’s the desire to capture feelings and share them others.

The best stories are simple, fun, and under two minutes long.

As a novelist, I am painfully aware of this.

But the truth is, none of us should be too hard on ourselves for telling long stories. We have to learn how to tell complicated stories to discover their simplicity. And when it comes to long stories I’m not tired of writing, the only ones calling to me now are Twin Flame Journeys.

If you do a web search for the Twin Flame Journey, you will likely be led to psychological research on limerance and may walk away deducing the Twin Flame narrative is a form of psychosis.

But what if the “psychosis” is simply the social denial of a story arc we don’t acknowledge as valid anymore?

Just like a superhero may flatten a city to save the world, what if we’ve started writing off these stories as collateral damage that is worth the trade without truly acknowledging the cost to anyone but the hero?

What if we’ve simplified stories too much while overwhelmingly giving the children of multiple generations only one adult narrative to reach for?

I bring up these questions because I’ve decided to write for the Twin Flame audience for the rest of the year and I want you to be able to make an informed decision as to whether you want to take this creative leap with me.

Meet the Rose Torch emblem:

Your marker for Twin Flame content, from Yours Truly.

Rose Torch content is spicy. It’s mature. Its emblem is of a rose on fire because that’s what Twin Flame Journeys are.

When you see the Rose Torch emblem, expect MATURE CONTENT with ADULT THEMES. There will be STRONG LANGUAGE and EXPLICIT SCENES.

I know this change is a big adjustment for many of my readers. Most of you look up my name to read stories with “clean” and safe ratings.

To be clear: You can still find my clean reads under the name Sheralyn Pratt. You will avoid all adult material by avoiding the name Rose Torch or materials with its emblem.

For those of you readers who can’t make this narrative jump with me, I totally understand.

Thank you for supporting my other books and I hope you continue to enjoy them.

But for those of you wanting to jump to this new genre with me, the rating for Rose Torch content will be akin to Westworld, Witcher, or American Gods, where the characters are dealing with built-in high stakes and potentially more cutthroat than the rom-com vibes you may know me for.

If that sounds like something you’re interested in, keep your eye open for Rose Torch.


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