Nerding Out on Wednesday

When I first queued up season 1 of Netflix’s Wednesday, expectations were high and the opening lines were strong.

But as the minutes ticked on, I kind of started grimacing a bit. This new version was a huge departure from the canon I knew, but how can you not keep watching a show that is dishing out scenes like this?

I had to keep going to see where it would lead.

By episode 3, I was like, Okay, maybe you were too harsh. This is strong stuff and the creative decisions are fire.

Then there was episode 4, which contains some of the series’ most iconic visuals. If you don’t like that episode, the series isn’t for you. Period.

By episode 6, I was ready to give Jenna Ortega an Emmy and apologize for doubting her bold leap. Not only did she nail a completely in-line interpretation of the character, but she did it right in front of Christina Ricci.

I mean … show me anyone who outperformed Jenna Ortega in 2022. Honestly.

By episode 8, I was ready to give the show an at-home standing ovation. I rewound moments again and again, simply floored by some of the decision-making.

And I’ve had the urge to write a story for it ever since.

And the feeling just isn’t fading.

So the world is going to get a fanfic from me, written to the tune of Wednesday Addams.

It’s important for my usual readers to note that this story will not have a PG rating. I’m going to keep the rating and content true to the story that has been established.

So if that’s not your flavor and you don’t like the series Wednesday on its own merits, maybe skip this one from me.

Otherwise, I’ll be updating this fic off and on until season 2 is released, if you want to check it out.

Wednesday’s Sophomore-Year Possession
by Kontreband
published on: Archive of Our Own

Enjoy 🙂

2023: The Year of Expression

Well, you did it. You made it to the holiday season of 2022.

Congratulations. Seriously. 2022 was a heavy-hitting year, so

You deserve festive food and good vibes as you keep warm on cold nights.

Cuz it’s cold this year.

The good news is that –as of today — days will get longer from here on out. If you live in the northern hemisphere, the darkest days are behind you now even if cold days still lie ahead.

And 2023 is all about following the sun’s lead in shining your light longer and brighter every day.

Last year, the theme was Main Character Energy, the totem was the indiGOAT, and this was the mood:

What a year, am I right? A year of leveling up … of climbing the inner-mountains to better see what’s beneath you.

And now it’s time stake your claim and shine your light from this new altitude … even if you’re not sure what that means, at first.

If 2023 was a fictional character, it would be Enid Sinclair from Netflix’s Wednesday.

(Haven’t watched it? Definitely do. And if Season 2 is released in 2023, watch Enid’s glow-up across seasons. That’s 2023’s archetypal mood.)

2023’s signature color is the full spectrum of the rainbow.

That’s right. No color holds sway this year, only pure expression. So whatever your shade, tint, or hue, shine true. Be vivid. Be you. That’s the assignment.

Which is why I’m making the totem for the year a Spark.

It’s the year for celebrating and sharing that which brings you life. This starts with tending to your spark and giving it enough to work with to get a proper flame burning.

So whatever that takes for you, do that.

As for the theme song for 2023, I’m not sure I’ve found that yet. It’s gonna be a banger, even if the mid-winter mood is more of a gentle tune.

Something more like this:

After all, 2022 threw some heavyweight punches and you’re probably still in recovery mode.

So be gentle with yourself. Life is not a race and even the sun’s taking it easy right now: early to bed, late to rise … it’s okay not to be full blast right now.

Enjoy the holidays! Treat yo’self.

Then plot all the ways you’re going to shine when 2023 brings its spotlight for you. Because this is the year to bring daydreams to life.

All you gotta do is broadcast you.