The $5 Challenge

“You are an online hermit,” they said, getting in my face a little bit. “And no one calls you out about it. So I’m going to.”

“This should be fun,” I replied.

“No, it won’t,” they said. “Cuz I’m not going to say much, and what I do say is going to be a dare. Ready? Because your dare is this: I dare you to get 100,000 people to tip you $5 before your next birthday.”

“100,000 people?!”

“Yes,” they replied. “And don’t even pretend that will be hard if you really apply yourself. Just do it for yourself this time. Branch out. Share value. Leave the hermit you’ve been behind and start having fun online. It’s time!”

And, deep down, I knew they were right.

So I’m putting it up: The Tip Jar

If you’d like to give me a virtual flower, you can click on this little icon and drop me 5 bucks (or the amount of your choice) instead.

8 petaled flower with Sheralyn Pratt signet in the center

If I provide value that makes you laugh, think, or re-define, feel free to donate to prove either my friend or me right.