NEWS FLASH! Sheralyn is the NEW MANAGER of Muse Coccoon Tavern!

But before we get to that, I need your help picking out the perfect greeting cards for you to send to people who mean a lot to you.

Take a moment to let me know which, if any of these cards you would send to a friend:

Thank you!

Now let’s get to this Muse Coccoon Management business. Because, seriously, what that all about.

Well, let me explain:

Every so often — when the stars align this way and that — a strange little window appears in time and space, opening two magical doors in the middle of nowhere:

The gates of Z LABYRINTH
The tiny door to the Muse Coccoon Tavern

Now Z LABYRINTH is a bit of a story — one you can read, if you like — but if Z LABYRINTH is a theme park, the Muse Coccoon is all the booths around it where you can explore and meet all types.

Wherever one of these doors appears, the other is always nearby — although, it is of note that the Muse Coccoon is never visible during the dark days of winter. (It only ever appears after groundhogs have had their say, and fades out of sight sometime between the autumnal equinox and America’s Thanksgiving Day.)

Once the dark days set in, the Muse Coccoon disappears as if it never was, leaving only remnants from booths and stories of its magical days.

I tell you all this because the Muse Coccoon has appeared and I, Sheralyn Pratt, will be managing it until its season is done.

So join the fun (that is currently under construction)!

If you don’t know a member and need a link to the door, message me on Twitter or Insta and I’ll send you a link.

Here’s my card (feel free to download it a share it, as needed).